Conceptualizing, designing, perhaps coding plus developing high-quality content are a few of the steps and moving parts you need to create a commercially successful web presence regardless of your site’s purpose.Once your site is in place, the last thing you need are technical glitches and downtime. Thus, it is critical that you choose the right hosting provider [] whose service and support are head and shoulders above the pack.

SiteGround Hosting Service Compared to Other Providers

Most of our clients wish they had learned about SiteGround’s hosting solutions earlier once they experience SiteGround’s exceptional customer support and ease-of-use.

Better Load Performance

Many clients already have a site set up when they come to us for assistance. In one case, a client’s site was on Bluehost, but they were having performance problems. Primarily, the site was very slow to load. We applied every optimization for reducing load times but to no avail. Load time was still unacceptable and this client was losing business because of this. When they switch to SiteGround and loaded up the site there, it worked flawlessly.

Over-The-Top Diagnostics Versus E-Mail Bots

Another client came to us because their hosting provider had disabled their WordPress site due to “instability on the shared web server,” whatever that meant or “malware.” This was a very straightforward site without additional plug-ins and was verified as containing no malware. Via generic email responses to further questions about the problem, they added “… excessive, abusive IPs are hitting the site” and “maybe the site is overusing server resources.” Their solution was to upgrade to their VPS service even when the exact cause was unclear. Contrast that situation to what happened when we switched the client’s site to SiteGround. Of course, SiteGround said that they too would disable the site if malware were present, but the key difference was their proactive diagnostic assessment of the client’s site in a timely fashion. After moving to SiteGround, it was smooth sailing.

Stellar Customer Support

SiteGround offers real-human support 24/7, which they have dubbed “Insanely Fast Support with a Heart,” via one of three methods: – Toll-free phone with a goal of wait-times measured in seconds, not minutes. They accomplish this by overstaffing operators and continually evaluating response speeds and quality. – Live online customer service chat that is also instantly available, which is our personal favorite. – Online service tickets are not instant but they are committed to a 10-minute turnaround on first submission of an issue.

SiteGround’s Human Touch

We love SiteGround’s customer-centric attitude. For instance, SiteGround posts the photos, profiles and technical qualifications for every SiteGround support team member. That’s a warm touch that other providers apparently think is unnecessary. Furthermore, you won’t have to endure any annoying service rating surveys.

Time-Saving Support at Every Stage of the Hosting Process

All SiteGround plans come with expert customer service. Support staff work for SiteGround not an outsourced call center. Their outstanding technical knowledge allows them to resolve your issues in record time. Feel free to “cheat” anytime when administering your site by calling on SiteGround chat support for even mundane tasks like installing WordPress. They solve all site issues including WordPress or plug-in installations plus more complicated tasks. Seriously, why puzzle over subdomains, parked domains, redirects, DNS settings and how to use their many built-in tools when they can solve issues via the support chat line in minutes. We are pretty sure, however, they will draw the line at writing your first blog post.

Why We Are Head Over Heels With SiteGround

We highly recommend SiteGround hosting as the go-to service to all our clients plus we use them ourselves of course. SiteGround WordPress installations are simply hard to top in terms of functionality, uptime, instant customer support and value.

Priced to Perfection

Siteground pricing One detail we have not mentioned yet is SiteGround pricing. It should be no surprise that they shine there as well. The plan prices below are 60 percent off normal prices for first-time customers: – The SiteGround StartUp Plan supports a single website with up to 10 GB of space for $3.95 a month. This makes it ideal for blogs or small shops. – SiteGround’s GrowBig plan at just $5.95/month is their most popular choice. It support as many websites as you like within the allotted 20 GB space. It features faster load speeds, free SSL backup restores plus priority technical support. It is our top recommendation to clients. – The SiteGround GoGeek package supports unlimited websites in a 30 GB allotment plus 100,000 monthly visits. In addition to the StartUp and GrowBig features it also offers optimized server loads, WordPress/Joomla staging, on-demand backups and PCI compliance. All plans come with 24/7 technical support, unmetered traffic, free SSLs, HTTP/2, SSD storage, free transfer service, free backups and much more. They do not have a free trial as such, but their 30-day hassle-free, cash-back guarantee accomplishes the same thing. Find out more details regarding each plan here. []

SiteGround Reviews

Yeah, OK, we are gushing a little, but can you blame us considering SiteGround’s value, 99.9 percent uptime and exceptional customer support? Besides, we are not alone in our praise. Check out the impressive SiteGround reviews at third-party sites such as [] if you need confirmation. They regularly score from 9.5 to 9.9 out of 10 across five categories such as reliability, support and user-friendliness with an overall score of 9.7.

Easy Steps to Start Your Self-Hosted SiteGround WordPress Site

This process is simpler than it first appears. Take it a step at a time and remember that SiteGround support is just a click away ready to smooth over any setup difficulties.

Register Your Domain

If you do not already have one or more domain names registered, grab those first. You can do this outside of SiteGround, since domain names are registered via a separate organization. On the other hand, SiteGround has a handy wizard to walk you through all the steps of acquiring a domain. If you get stuck, use their instant online customer service chat support to sail over any rough patches.

Choose a SiteGround Hosting Plan

If you are sure you only need a single site, go with the StartUp plan, but if you want to experiment with variations on your marketing niche, pick the GrowBig plan. GrowBig is very affordable, supports 25,000 monthly visits and has plenty of expansion room. If you choose StartUp or GrowBig, you can upgrade these later when you need more space or the higher performance of the GoGeek plan.

Your Site’s Control Panel

Everything you need to manage your SiteGround site is on the control panel, which goes by cPanel for short. The categories of operations include domain operations, installers for WordPress and other packages, tools for improving site performance, additional word press tools and a set of Joomla tools. The SiteGround cPanel also displays activity stats such as how much disk space your site is using.

Installing WordPress

From the cPanel, click on the WordPress Installer icon under the WordPress tools list then click on the blue Install button on the displayed page. You will then fill in a form to tailor the installation to your site: – Choose Protocol – Choose https:// as all plans come with SSL. – Choose Domain – Pick your domain name from the drop-down list. – In Directory – Leave this blank. – Site Name – This is the “title” of your site. – Site Description – A few words describing your site. – Admin Username and Password – You need these to log into the backend of your site. – Admin Email: An email address for receiving backend notifications. – Select Language: Your preferred site and admin language. – Choose a Theme to Install – Start with a free theme by selecting one in the drop-down list. You can change this at any time. Now, click the Install button at the bottom of the screen. Nearly all the selections you made can be modified later. Once installed, use the admin name and password to log into your SiteGround WordPress account at this URL: where YOURDOMAINNAME is your site’s registered domain name.

Transferring an Existing Site

If you already have an existing site at another hosting service, transfer it to SiteGround using their request wizard. You are entitled to one site transfer as part of your SiteGround site hosting plan. You may also accomplish this step by contacting the SiteGround support team. You need their help if you want to transfer multiple sites as that is a bit more complicated.

Get Off Hold and Start Making Money!

Once you have switched to SiteGround, you can focus on the goals your website is designed to achieve instead of disruptive downtime or technical issues arising from your hosting provider. Even if problems occur, you can count on SiteGround’s commitment to providing the fastest, most capable customer support in the industry. Choose a plan that fits your goals today [].