Ever heard of confirmshaming? It’s a popular art followed by many websites in an attempt to increase their conversion rates after offering their thing to website visitors mostly in the form of popups.



This is the most popular one


Really? Are you kidding?


If you have a retail store, would you train your salesperson to offer something and when the customer declines it, would you instruct your salesperson to confirm by asking “So you don’t want this offer and you want to pay full price and be stupid”? Certainly not!

This practice could help increase conversions slightly in the short term but this can be taken as an insult by an average person and will hurt the organization’s reputation and loyalty.

So what are the alternatives? A simple “No thanks” is one option or this example given by Frictionless commerce is a great example that creates urgency without shaming the person who says no as stupid or bad.



You can see more examples of confirmshaming in twitter and tumblr. Do you believe this is part of dark patterns? What alternative ideas do you use? We would love to hear.